Elemente lassen sich nicht synchronisieren

Ich habe seit v1.3.x und noch immer mit v1.4.0-rc.x das Problem, dass sich ein Peer nicht abgleichen lässt.

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Auch wenn ich die Peers trenne und wieder verbinde, tritt nach einiger Zeit der gleiche Effekt auf, dass 631 Dateien sich nicht abgleichen lassen.

Sorry, but this is an English speaking forum (regardless that someone switched to German briefly out of desperation), so please keep your posts english.


As far as my German knowledge allows me to understand, the “412” has this folder set to “Receive Only” and has 631 files locally changed (0 Bytes of change, but still the same number of files in total, so they are not deleted - renamed, perhaps?). The “1815” machine is aware that “412” does not have these 631 files, so it shows them as not synchronized with “412”.

Looks like everything is working as expected.

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Since v1.3.x and still with v1.4.0-rc.x I have the problem that a peer cannot be compared.

Even if I disconnect and reconnect the peer, the same effect occurs after some minutes, that 631 files cannot be compared.

quote=“nekr0z, post:3, topic:14587”] and has 631 files locally changed [/quote]

In fact, definitiv no changing of any file, because the whole file pool of that peer is not in use in this moment.

Syncthing thinks the files have changed. I don’t know why exactly. Double-check names, permissions, etc. You can see which files to check if you click on “631 Elemente” on the last screenshot.

All the files of the peer are not in use. Additionally I disconnect and reconnect the peer also. So, why I have the difference?

Some example of for me normal files:

|FirefoxPortable/Data/profile/sessionCheckpoints.json |90 B|
|FirefoxPortable/Data/profile/weave/changes/forms.json |2 B|
|FirefoxPortable/Data/profile/weave/changes/passwords.json |2 B|
|FirefoxPortable/Data/settings/FirefoxPortableSettings.ini |139 B|
|FreeCommanderPortable/Data/settings/FreeCommander.shc |614 B|
|FreeCommanderPortable/Data/settings/FreeCommander.sync.ini |790 B|
|FreeCommanderPortable/Data/settings/FreeCommander.wcx.ini |137 B|
|FreeCommanderPortable/Data/settings/FreeCommanderPortableSettings.ini |223 B|
|FreeFileSyncPortable/Data/settings/FreeFileSyncPortableSettings.ini |221 B|
|GoogleChromePortable/Data/profile/Default/History-journal |0 B|
|GoogleChromePortable/Data/profile/Default/Top Sites-journal |0 B|
|GoogleChromePortable/Data/profile/Default/shared_proto_db/LOG |0 B|
|GoogleChromePortable/Data/profile/Default/shared_proto_db/LOG.old |0 B|
|Notepad++Portable/App/Notepad++/localization/afrikaans.xml |28,4 KiB|
|Notepad++Portable/App/Notepad++/localization/albanian.xml |55,9 KiB|
|Notepad++Portable/App/Notepad++/localization/aragonese.xml |48,6 KiB|
|Notepad++Portable/App/Notepad++/localization/aranese.xml |20,3 KiB|
|Notepad++Portable/App/Notepad++/localization/azerbaijani.xml |34,7 KiB|
|Notepad++Portable/App/Notepad++/localization/bengali.xml |68,4 KiB|
|Notepad++Portable/App/Notepad++/localization/bosnian.xml |31,3 KiB|
|Notepad++Portable/App/Notepad++/localization/breton.xml |54,8 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/client_TW.qm |26,8 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/client_ca.qm |87,8 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/client_es_AR.qm |45,7 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/client_et.qm |58,8 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/qt_bg.qm |146 B|
|ownCloudPortable/App/qt_fa.qm |286 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/qt_ko.qm |139 B|
|ownCloudPortable/App/qt_pl.qm |154 B|
|ownCloudPortable/App/qt_ru.qm |157 B|
|ownCloudPortable/App/qt_sl.qm |223 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/qt_sv.qm |64,3 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/qtbase_ja.qm |127 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/qtbase_lv.qm |150 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/qtbase_sk.qm |123 KiB|
|ownCloudPortable/App/ucrtbase.dll |879 KiB|

That’s exactly the question: why does Syncthing on 412 think that the 631 files on 412 have changed? What happened to these files on 412?

Again, here’s what happens: Syncthing on 412 sees that these 631 files it has locally on the hard disk are not the same as on the other machine. You need to investigate and understand how 412 changed these files and why.

Yes understood. I also do not understand how a server should change files on its own, of the 20372 the same 631 again and again.

That’s exactly the big question you need to figure out. I don’t really know what happened on server exactly, but I have seen similar situations when files got renamed unexpectedly. For example, the filesystem changed all " " (space) symbols to “%20”…

As example now. The change is done one time. Whats happen, if I disconnect and reconnect a peer with such changed files?

If the peer is read-only, what happens is exactly what you’re seeing: the peer that made these changes will have “local changes” (“Lokale Änderunden”), and the other peers will see that that peer has unsychronized files. If the peer is read-write (default), it will send these changes to other peers.

I have now set both peers to “Send & Receive” and the 631 files have been balanced. Not finally logical for me.

Yesterday both servers were on “Current”. My servers are shutting down for some hours in the night and start up in the early morning automatically.

Today I have one “Current” and the other in the status shown at 85%, for some time without change. No files are changed since yesterday evening, so its not clear that situation. Also all the peers are green, it means actual.

Any idea regarding that? Main status of both is okay and as follow:

You should post full screenshots from both sides, as it’s not clear how the folders are different.

It means, on both sides the peers shows the same. The difference what is visible is shown above.

Or please note what you want to see.

Two full screenshots so I could see everything and notice anything that might be wrong. Ideally with all folders and devices expanded.

In which way? Normally I can expand just one of a peer Or device.

See where the numbers of files do not match between the devices

I compared all peers (folders) and as representativ example for all a pic as below:

This is exactly the opposite of what was asked, as these seem to match up perfectly.

I know what you mean, but the peer pairs are all like that. Another example: