Donate via Bitcoin

I just installed Syncthing on Android & Ubuntu.

I’ve barely begun using it, or testing it for bugs, but I can see value in it already.

I would donate some bitcoin if that were an option.

Please add the ability to donate via bitcoin lightning network. If you feel adventurous, you could build a BTCPay Server (BTCPay Server · GitHub). If you want to use an easier method, check out


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Discontinuing Bitcoin donations on Layer 1 was probably sensible few years back, but a lot has changed since 2019.

WhileLightning Network is still not in a state where your grandma would use it, it matured to a point that regular (aka not geek) users are starting to be able to use it with ease. There is a flourishing ecosystem of user friendly wallets like Breez or Phoenix and Server solutions both self hosted or custodial. Setting up BTCPay Server with Lightning enabled is a matter of few clicks if you don’t mind that it will be hosted on VPS.

Lightning Network is especially suitable for small donations so people can chip in few bucks every now and then with basically zero fees without touching the blockchain layer itself.

If you enable Lightning donations, I will start sending few bucks regularly.

ping @calmh


I see Bitcoin as a significant detriment to humanity. If donating a few bucks is dependent on us using Bitcoin, we can survive without. This is my personal opinion, not shared by all Syncthing maintainers, but you pinged me.


curious to hear more on why it’s a detriment.

and what you mean by “a few bucks”. if 1% of 1 million users donated 1 buck per year, that’s already 10k. nothing to be ashamed.

could you clarify both points? but mostly the detriment thing. :grin:

No; there’s plenty of clarification out there with a cursory search. We will not have a discussion of the pro’s and con’s of Bitcoin here.

i never seen any, but obviously i wanted to know yours.

i see you don’t have any reasoning of your own then.

thanks for sharing. :grin:

I consider this rude. Please consider changing your attitude. Just because @calmh expressed an opinion, doesn’t mean that he have an obligation to give an explanation.

Have a nice day!

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This is a topic literally beaten to death in hundreds of of corners of the Internet daily. This will not be one more such corner. Given that,

Please feel free to Google the topic, it shouldn’t be hard to find discussions and articles. Or by all means just consider me an old fool, it doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.

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i personally don’t have much of a reasoning of my own in favour of bitcoin as well.

nor i had any wish to discuss it here.

my interest was genuinely in your reasoning, though. and it have been fulfilled, in either case.

on two more notes:

  • i consider it highly annoying considering anything rude. always reminds me of that song by “magic” or something. plus i’m in no position to demand anything from anyone here. it was just a question, and i also expressed my own opinion.

    i felt purposefully attacked by your comment @martinleben, while i had no such intention in my heart to attack anyone.

    granted, it might have been better if i said the whole sentence “no reasoning of your own that you feel is good enough for sharing, given it will only lead to more discussion”.

    it could be that you genuinely believe there’s no way to end the discussion, or to convince me otherwise. again, i wasn’t looking for a discussion, and i love to be convinced i’m wrong. reason why i even ask questions.

  • google is tremendously evil. we should all stop using it as a verb to “search the web”.

  • bonus read (a.k.a. “why are you even reading still?” rhetorical question) in my “grand scheme of things”, every little thing matters. i just can’t humanly bother about them all. nor about every big thing.

Ok, good that you did not have such intention. But please choose your words more wisely in the future, because we only see your words. Not your heart and its intentions.

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i have always chosen my words with maximum wisdom in my hands. there’s paradoxically always room for improvement, but…

i will not adapt them to your or anyone’s standard, specially when it’s because you got offered without any intent from me. not because i want, just because i have my limitations and own natural issues.

also, you can see my intentions. you can see my name, which is purposefully unique. you can see my profile. and my links. and my online presence. you just chose not to even look at most of it.

Enough of this. Cease bickering.


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Bitcoin has much more demand in the crypto industry. Which other coins have demand in the market?

I think bitcoin donations are a good thing @calmh you might find this talk intersting - (feel free to ignore the link if you don’t have time).

I’ve also opened a ticket in GitHub -Add option to donate crypto (bitcoin) · Issue #17 · syncthing/website · GitHub

How can this discussion can continue in a fruitful way? I assume @calmh will not change his opinion, but he is not the only person that decide (correct?).



I’m not sure why there needs to be a fruitful discussion. If you like bitcoin, buy all means do your bitcoining. We have a fully functioning way of accepting donations; anyone who can buy groceries can also donate. As such, I don’t see this discussion being about us (the recipient of donations) but about you (the pushers of the bitcoin agenda, for whatever reason). I don’t feel any desire to participate in that. I don’t see why there’s a need to keep pushing us about it.


anyone who can buy groceries can also donate.

That is not always true, especially for people outside of the US. It is much easier for me to send money from my country via crypto than via credit-card.

Otherwise, discussions are usually fruitful (for example what I wrote above), I do agree that some things are too insignificant to discuss, but I am not sure that this is one.

I agree with you that I have an agenda, two actually. One- I like synchthing I want to support it, and donating with crypto is ~about the only way I can do it. Two - I want bitcoin to succeed. I don’t see how those agendas contradict.

Again, I am not sure about the structural organization in synchthing, but are you the only person who decides? If yes, then I assume it will take a lot of time until you add this option. But if you are not the sole decision-maker, how can we get other opinions on the matter.

Thank you.


I’m sure such scenarios exist. However given that almost all international commerce is based on the opposite assumption, I don’t think it’s very common. I’ve yet to actually meet someone with bitcoin but no Visa, Mastercard or similar – crypto is mostly a playground for the well off, after all.

I would also venture that many places that lack the infrastructure for payment cards, or where they are not common, are places where the money in question can be put to better use locally than with us. I’m fine with only the privileged donating to Syncthing, because really only the privileged should do so. The rest of the world can happily use Syncthing and sleep well knowing it’s paid for by people with flashy credit cards.

The others can and probably will chime in. But again, this whole “can we escalate this to the manager” says to me that this is not about Syncthing, but about furthering your bitcoin agenda. I oppose it.

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Well let me react to the escalation then (lol): I concur with not wanting bitcoin, I generally oppose using any proof-of-work based scheme. And I am not interested in discussing it either. Please don’t punish me for mentioning why I oppose bitcoin by arguing about it or bringing up alternatives - not interested either.