Bitcoin donations

What happened to the Bitcoin donation link on the page? I was hoping to make a celebratory V1.0 donation.


Bitcoin donations became not a thing due to fees and whatnot in the bitcoin heydays.

Understood, though high fees are no longer a thing have have not been for quite some time. Thanks


I have a Phoenix Wallet as my bitcoin wallet. It makes using the bitcoin lightning network so easy. I love it. I would donate some bitcoin to syncthing if that was an option.

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Apart from the fact that this is just a blatant attempt to place an ad:

Can we update the donation page to include a passage about the project’s stance on crypto donations?

I’m afraid that this issue will come up again and again. It would be good to have something “official” to end unnecessary discussions quickly.

So sorry I even considered donating. Forget it. I am not advertising anything. I am giving up on Syncthing and will go check out alternatives listed on Syncthing Alternatives and Similar Apps / Services | AlternativeTo

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This is, at this point, just trolling by Bitcoin enthusiasts - precisely what I was trying to avoid to begin with.