Does Synthing detect when files are moved? (Edit: When a node was off?)


I recently moved many files from one sub-folder to another and i think instead of following this simple filesystem operation, on the other devices syncthing deleted these files and then downloaded their exact copies from other nodes into their new location.

However i am not entirely sure about that (I also read Moving files = delete and re-upload?)

Can someone confirm if synthing detects when files are moved? And if not, wouldn’t that be a great feature to be added?

Thanks alot!

Edit: Okay, i tried to reproduce this and apparently syncthing DOES move files when the nodes are online and have a connection. However, when one of the syncthing nodes are off and turned on after the files were moved, there is no detection of these moved files: In this case, the files get deleted and re-downloaded in their new location.

I am very pessimistic that this happens, but regardless, open an issue on github giving example filenames/folders as that matters.

@AudriusButkevicius did you raise this issue?

Moved file detection is why I’m currently learning how to use Unison, which supports it.

There are some edge cases where this does not work (renaming large directory trees), but for singular files (or tens of files in a directory) it should work. If you think otherwise, clarify what item count are we talking about, and if its within limits we deem it should work for, write down precise step by step guide for reproducing the issue and raise it on github.