Does dyndns work by now?

I was looking at this issue: but the outcome is not clear to me. I was looking at the Android GUI and at least could not figure out how to add a DNS address for a device.

I expect you can enter it in the same way and place as you would enter an IP address

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And where in the form would that be? Sorry, if I am being dense. :smiley:

Where it says dynamic I think, but I’m not an Android user. Entering something like tcp:// should work if that is like the non-Android Syncthing.

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Thanks! I will give that a shot.

Yes, that works.


And sort of as a follow-up question: if I want to expose a running Syncthing to the internet. How do I secure it?

It’s secured by design. Don’t accept Syncthing partner devices you are not 100% sure the device ID belongs to “you”.

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