Deleted folder produced “Out of Sync Items” - Syncthing Stuck with "Failed items"


I experienced almost identical problem as mentioned here:

Large 30GB+ sync share with multiple nodes in cluster.

It was quite corner case, as first node share was modified during initial sync to three more nodes. Multiple ‘stuck’ files occured with no apparent reason, and was resolved only renaming file and rename back. But most important was large folder delete, which resulted to Out of sync stuck condition, with no apparent way to re-sync.

The flow: So on primary node1 folder1 containing subfolders and files was moved to out of sync directory.

While other nodes made a sync, the node3 stuck and after some period failed: directory has been deleted on remote device but is not empty; content probably ignored on that remote device, but not locally

Indeed, remote folder deleted, but local folder structure was still in place, and contained .DS_Store files. Those where generated by OS while browsing the directories.

But even removing folder1 manually still results in “Failed items” status, and items listed are exactly manually deleted folder structure.

The .DS_Store was in ignore files list on node1, but not on node3. Adding ignore files item to node3 and rescanning folder, makes no difference.

Any suggestions?

Ignoring something is not good enough to make it deletable.

The docs cover this scenario I believe.

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