Deleted files continue to be recreated

Hi all, I have this configuration 1 win desktop, 1 win laptop and 1 linux desktop. I’m syncing 320 gb of data with ~90000 files and directories. The win desktop is attached to a server and I’m syncing file from this server. The win laptop and linux desktop are not always on, generally I work at office with the win dektop and I want file synced to the other two deices if I have to work from home.

The problem is that when I delete or move some files and folders on win desktop and later I turn on the sync on the other two devices everything seams to go well but when some days later I check the win desktop I continue to see this files and folder that should be deleted or moved.

So now is very difficult to trust the way syncthing work. The question is: in order to syncthing to work well, is it required that all the devices should be all on at the same time?


Not generally, no. But if you have three devices, a file is deleted on A and then later modified on B and then C comes online, the modify will win over the delete.

This is ok and is how I understand syncthing works.

I move or delete files or folders from A and I don’t modify those files or folders on B and C just simply let them sync with A. Days later on A I still find this files or folders that I deleted.

This doesn’t happen all the time and since I have lot’s of files it’s difficult to trac the problem exactly.

Well it must stay on some device at the point you delete it for it to come back like that, and it’s likely that the files get touched/modified in this period of time.

Since A’s files are on a windows server. Could be this a windows server problem?

I mean I delete file from A on a windows server and the windows server do some index or something like this so the files come back later.

Potentially, also we’ve seen weirdness with samba mounts on Windows server that caused simillar issues.

It could also be some malware touching the files in some way?

I don’t think since the file are on server

This aspect of syncthing is the most frustrating thing to me as well. The deleted files show up back or I get conflicts in a single user environment.

For instance I have 2 sync nodes. One is my workstation and the other is basically a clone slave (meaning that I do not work on it at all). I work on my files on my workstation only and I still get conflicts or duplicates.

I think that this is an issue with Syncthing not catching up fast enough. If you modify a file multiple times in shot amounts, yopu might get conflicts or duplicates.

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