Completely Lost & Desperate

I installed syncthing/trayzor a long time ago with a friend on my laptop who has been too busy (and also in a different time zone) to help me troubleshoot. I’ve been waiting for months to get it up and running again because it disconnected from my phone and I’ve had various problems.

When I tried to do it myself, I just made a mess of my computer (maybe?). I installed syncthing and then it was asking me to log in (And I never rememeber setting up a log in). I got his help and he said it was supposed to be sync trayzor. So we uninstalled syncthing and installed sync trayzor.

I’m continuing to get the infamous “Failure to start syncthing” messaeg “cannot open database… kill all processses” etc. message that I’ve found in some other forums, but their instructions to manually download and put into a C:/user/you/appdata/roaming/synctrayzor folder don’t make sense to me because I can’t even find an app data folder on my computer.

This kind of computer terminology conufuses the bejeezus out of me and I continue to get on my laptop, start synctrazor and see the message and hope it magically changes lol. I need to clean up my google photos so I’d really love to get this working again so I can download the files and reupload them via syncthing/Google Pixel 1.

Can anyone walk me through how to correct this with idiots terminology? If I need to add things to the post, let me know exactly how to get the info needed! :frowning:

Thank you so much

The AppData folder is hidden by default :wink: Just blindly enter it in the addressbar of the Explorer and it should work.

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The easiest would be opening Windows Explorer and clicking on the address bar (or pressing Ctrl + L), then entering %APPDATA% (with the leading / trailing percent signs) and pressing Enter.

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Thank you. I was able to locate the folder, but now trying to follow the instructions from (Synctrayzor: I can't get it to work - #3 by RookHyena) here and I must be doing something wrong. I’m still getting the error message.

Can anyone break it down a little more dumb? I could even start from scratch and uninstall syncthing and trayzor.

I uninstalled and reinstalled and used this info and now I think it’s working, but it’s been so long now that i’ve forgotten where to paste any files i want it to upload to my google pixel :rofl:

Everything straightened out, thank you!

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