Comp stopped syncing how detect where is a problem ?


Comp stopped syncing how detect where is a problem ? I dont change anything (maybe our govement block something I dont know) Try to use proxy but dont understand where i need write all_proxy=socks://...:* settings in config file config.xml or console ? I use Windows 10

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Please provide more information:

  • Do you sync LAN or over internet?
  • Do you use relay servers?
  • Which country do you live in? There are reports from Russia here

  1. I use sync from internet not LAN
  2. I dont know what is relay server i dont change any settings, just shared folders from one computer to another
  3. Yes I am from Russia computer with russsian IP

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See Blocked IP addresses in Russia


Ok if its block by govement how I can fix that? proxy can help ?

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Revolution? Someone set up a non-blocked discovery server for Russian use, might work in the meantime.


Revolution? think about it later)

Where i can found discovery server settings ?

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