Changing the ID after a clone

Hi guys,

So I recently cloned a machine that had Syncthing running on it. In the past when I did this, it would automatically generate a new ID for the clone (how it knew, I have no idea) and would view it as a new machine.

Today, when I do the same thing all the machines have the same “XXXXXXXX-OH4E5BH-E4XYX35-FB7744S-C4I7EHO-GKWT46R-ES76XRP-OGKI6QH” ID (I changed the first set just in case there is a security concern with sharing that).

How do I manually force a machine to generate a new ID so that syncthing isn’t confusing the servers?

Erase the files cert.pem and key.pem in the config directory. Also, the index-v0.11.0.db directory. In fact, everything in there unless you want to keep the folder configuration. :slight_smile:

Where is the config directory?

Depends on your operating system. But syncthing -help prints the path after the option summary.

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