Changing folder paths?

Hello to all. I have a bit of an issue. If I need to change the path of a folder to totally different one I cannot. For example if I invited a user to a folder and they make a mistake I need to basically have them remove and re-add the folder typing in the right path. I just had this happen to a user today, and it still didn’t work. They typed in the path and the folder is not syncing. So, then I removed and re-added their computer to the folder. They never saw an invite even though they removed the folder on their end.

similarly I had made a mistake when adding a folder that a user shared, they had to remove me, I had to remove the folder they had to reinvite me and the notification took for ever for me to reaccept the invite and type in the right path. Is there a better way to do this?

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A and B shares a folder. A has a mistake in the path. A copies existing folders ID, removes the folder (that does not remove the folder on B). A adds a new folder with the same ID that it copied at the correct path.

That makes sence, however Coppying the ID is not obvious, we might give that a try,. I probably shoudl have done that before when my user had about 3 dupes and so did I. This a few days ago and it took 4 hours to resolve that. Lol!

Ok, so I somehow accidentally wiped all of my folder shares when uninstalling the gui rapper contributed by one of the community members. I am starting over, but can I in theory give someone the ID folder and the name of the folder and they type in the folder path this way I don’t need to be around to reaccept all of my invites all over again? I literally need to now redo everything from the ground up.

Yes. Them manually adding the folder with the same ID (the name/label doesn’t matter) that you have is equivalent to them accepting the “invite” that will otherwise happen on first connect. (And the same in the other direction, of course.)

That actually won’t work for me. I’m on a mac. And all of my folders are spread across multiple locations. The mac really has no way except the web interface of doing stuff, so changing the folder path is not really possible unless I readd the folder and use the same folder ID.

You can change it in the advanced config dialog.

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