Allowing change of folder path

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Given that we check for the .stfolder file and can restart folders, should we allow changing the folder path? With some appropriate notice that the actual files on disk are not moved, and that the user needs to do that as well?


I thought about proposing this several times actually.

I faced this issue many times when reorganizing files. Took me a while to dig the forums for the first time to find the workaround - just edit the config manually, and move stuff manually as well. Not a big deal, but a slight PITA, especially once you have many many folders.

I think allowing to edit the path of existing folders properly, via UI would be a nice enhancement.

The tricky thing is how to do it simply while avoiding data loss. Few ideas:

1 - If user edits the path - show big fat warning for him, telling to move the files manually, and then to resume the folder when he’s done. And once he agrees to that, pause the folder, to let him move stuff.

2 - Go “the dropbox way” - handle everything by ST itself: Add a button to “Move” the folder, let the user choose the new path, once selected show a confirmation prompt with warning message that everything is going to be moved, and it’ll take time. Then proceed to do all the operations…

So, 1 is “plain and simple”; 2 is better user experience, but it’s much more work, handling all the quirks of moving files and failure proofing stuff on all the OSs.

You can use advanced settings for this. Simply edit folder path, but instead of restart shutdown Syncthing. Move files manually and start syncthing again.

I’d rather people asked questions rather than shot themselves in the foot thinking it’s as trivial as just changing a path. The only alternative I’d go for is potentially removing and readding the folder for them.