Change syncthing's created file permissions

I can’t seem to find a thread on this already, except for one from years ago that show it being a no-go, but is there an option in syncthing to set the permissions of files it creates? I use syncthing to go from Windows to Windows machines, I have a always on freenas jail in the middle of them basically, but I want the files that are created to have a certain permission setup. Right now it looks like it creates every file with 644, but I want 770.

If there is no option in syncthing itself, would I possibly be able to use something like umask? I am pretty new to freebsd and linux in general, so I have never tried that before, nor am I even sure 100% how. I came across umask as a possible solution via random research.

Any help would be great, thanks!

O. I just found this. I will keep looking, but if anyone else has info please let me know as well.

If you check “ignore permissions” on the folder it’ll follow the umask.

Awesome. Thanks for the info!

Have to figure out how to set up the umask first, haven’t had a time to follow the previous link and info I found. I assume it should work out.

I guess I am a bit unsure where I would up the umask. Would this be inside the freenas jail somewhere or within FreeNAS itself? I know this isn’t a FreeNAS forum, but I assume you would likely have an answer for me, at least hopefully.


It needs to be set before starting the process, so somewhere in the jail or in the startup process, yeah.

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