syncthing umask is 0002 but creates files with 644 permissions

Hello all,

Folder shared between 3 devices all configured with “ignore permissions”, all configurations saved and syncthing restarted/rescanned multiple times.

syncthing user umask is 0002

When syncing it keeps on creating :

  • Folders with 755 instead of 775
  • Files with 644 instead of 664

why ? Did I miss something ?

Example file synced 2 minutes ago :

-rw-r--r-- 1 syncthing users 1431 May 18 12:03 Name of file.ext

(Still on 0.12.24)

If you are running via some service manager, it’s likely the setting is not propagated properly. Try running syncthing manually with the umask. Also, this has been asked before, search the forum.

Hello all again,

So, after reading a lot of insightful information, this is a summary and solution for Synology users like me who source syncthing as a synocommunity package.

Great summary of the problem :

Great solution :

Thanks @AudriusButkevicius for reminding me to look a bit further

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