Change path folder index-v0.11.0.db

Hi Thank you for this program. I synchronize three computers and yesterday, on my master computer(Windows 7), I had an alert Windows which told me that my system did not have a place anymore. Actually it remains to me that 56 Mega. I lives to notice that my folder index-v0.11.0.db made 30 Giga !!!. it is possible to move it on another disk and if yes how i can do ? Regards

there is the “home” option to move your config dir which includes the index so shut down syncthing, manually move your config dir (located in %LOCALAPPDATA%) to the new location, and start syncthing with the home option

That sounds rather too large. How much data are you synchronizing, roughly?

Hi Alex and Jakob

Thanks you alex for your solution, i will try tomorrow Jakob, I synchronize my music, my pictures and personal data so we have near of 100.000 Files which represent neighborhood 700 Giga Regards

Hi Alex I move all my folder synthing from %LOCALAPPDATA% to my disk (D) I updated syncthing.bat with this line start “Syncthing” syncthing.exe -no-console -home=D:\Syncthing. -no-browser I have two job synthing.exe in task manager but when i want see webui synthing, i have unknown device !!! Regards

shutdown Syncthing and make sure you also have the config.xml (contains all settings) file in your home-folder. to make sure Syncthing is using the new home run it without -no-console and look for further information

Hi uok This is my log [monitor] 15:04:20 INFO: Log output saved to file “D:\Syncthing.\syncthing.log” [monitor] 15:04:20 INFO: Starting syncthing [I5DQ3] 15:04:20 INFO: syncthing v0.11.10 (go1.4.2 windows-amd64 default) unknow n-user@syncthing-builder 2015-06-21 09:45:54 UTC [I5DQ3] 15:04:20 INFO: My ID: I5DQ3MG-JNPNS7S-YDIQYGI-ENLFXR5-QEZH7ZT-EMGK4OL-65 NIJ6S-ZUTNVQ4 [I5DQ3] 15:04:20 INFO: Database block cache capacity 65516 KiB

And no, i can’t access web interface I don’t understand where is the problem Have you got an indea ? Thanks