Size of index.db

Continuing the discussion from Change path folder index-v0.11.0.db:

I have a question regarding the index database. On my computer I share about 450 GB with 3 different machines. The index.db is about 4.3 GB when syncthing is running- right after startup it’s only 700 MB. During index exchange I had syncthing crashing occasionally, leaving me with a full disk, because even 8 GB of free disk space wouldn’t be enough sometimes.

I am just wondering where all this data is coming from, (I am pretty sure it’s not just downloaded indexes, since the connection speed is somewhat limited), and if there’s a way to reduce this bloat-up.

Secondly, I remember a while back there was a discussion about moving the index to the .cache/ folder on linux. I can’t find on github nor here though. What happened to that idea? The .config/ folder seems to be the wrong place for GBs of data.

Well, great piece of software, I enjoy it a lot!

Maybe after a crash old information still remains in the index?

It gets cleaned up on boot.

Well, it never gives me any serious problems and I realize that I need to have some index-space for that much data, I was just wondering why it multiplies ten-fold when connecting to one or two devices. Plus, not having this issue on my low powered ARM machines (2GB RAM) leads me to the conclusion, that this might have something to do with my RAM size on my main computer (8GB RAM). Could it be that having a large memory also increase the maximum size of my index directory?