Can't Revert Local Changes

I have one devise that I can’t seem to revert local changes. I have a folder setup as receive only. It shows that I have 195 locally changed items. I click the revert local changes and it doesn’t seem to do anything. When I click on the 195 items to see what they are - it doesn’t show anything. I figure I could delete the folder and re-sync it but it’s over 400 GB and I would prefer to not re-download all that data again if I don’t have to.

I’m running V1.7.0-rc.1


Are the files on disk actually reverted?

You definitely don’t need to resync all data, please don’t do anything rash. There’s various much less drastic measures you can try first.

First things first I guess. Are there any realted messages in the logs?

Sorry should have looked - Logs are showing:

  • Revert: directory has been deleted on a remote device but is not empty; the contents are probably ignored on that remote device, but not locally

I don’t have any ignore patterns setup on either side.


There’s some improvement on master for handling directories to be deleted, however I suspect that would just give a more meaningful error, yet still an error. I suspect it’s because of the race condition described in and fixed at If one device creates a file and another deletes the parent dir, concurrently, that creates the situation where a file exists in a deleted directory. We resurrect that directory when pulling the file, but not when deleting the parent directory and seeing the file. We should probably have the same resurrection code there too.

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