Cannot run Syncthing, windows 7

Hi, I have problem with running syncthing on windows 7. I tried forward ports on my router, but it still doesn’t work. Maybe I did something wrong or the reason is other. Or tried synctrazor as well. I’ve attached log file from synctrazor.

syncthing.log (1.3 MB)

Looks like you have an older CPU that doesn’t handle accelerated SHA256 and is for some reason not detected automatically. You can try setting the environment variable STHASHING=standard and see if that helps (not sure how to do that in Synctrayzor, but I’m sure there’s a way).

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The variable can be set in the SyncTrayzor’s settings (see the screenshot at

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Thank you so much! I set up this variable in SyncTrazor settings and now it runs!

Have a nice day guys.


Just out of curiosity, what kind of CPU is this?

It is Intel i3-4000m 2,4GHz.

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