Can’t delete or add files to subfolders, can only modify existing files

I’m currently using Syncthing to sync files between my Steam Deck and my Windows PC. Everything has been working great, up until today.

On my Steam Deck, I can’t delete or add any new files to subfolders of folders I’m syncing. I just get an “access denied” error. In addition, no program on my Deck has permission either, except Syncthing itself which has no problem creating or deleting files if I make the changes on my PC.

What’s going on? This issue started only recently.

I figured out my issue though after a bit of troubleshooting.

So, I use Syncthing to sync my files between my Deck and PC. I also use Google Drive on my PC to sync these same files to the cloud. It turns out, Google Drive CHANGES FILE PERMISSIONS, which were in turn syncing to my Deck. I simply turned on “Ignore Permissions” in Syncthing, reset all my permissions on my folders on the Deck, and everything’s working fine now.

Really annoying how Drive changes file permissions. But at least I figured that out.


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