Black exclamation on Firefox icon for Syncthing link

My Firefox bookmark for Syncthing looks like this:

This began several weeks ago with one of the newer upgrades, but I can’t pinpoint it. Nothing seems to wrong with either the link or the functioning of ST in my browser. I just don’t recognize the icon flag and Mozilla’s help is unhelpful. ST and FF are both current.

What is this about?

At the point you took the bookmark you had unack’ed notifications in syncthing.

Is that abbreviation “acknowledged”?

I don’t know what that means. The bookmark is at least a year old and this issue began about two weeks ago after one of the newer v0.13.x upgrades.

We now use syncthing’s fav icon to show some state (syncing, notifications, paused etc), so I cannot explain why your Firefox clinged on to that state for the icon (given there are genuinely no unacknowledged notifications)

I deleted the BM, entered in the address bar, ST came up normally, and I bookmarked it fresh. It still appears like that.

I don’t know what is the fav icon. Is the icon that I’m seeing not the one I should be?

Upgrading to 13.6 just now appears to have resolved it.

The favicon is the little icon that’s shown on the tab which has a website open in it. When you create a bookmark, your browser will save the favicon and display it alongside the bookmark, as your first screenshot shows. It will then periodically update it, based on browser-specific rules.

A few versions ago, Syncthing started using the favicon to indicate things like “Syncting”, “Warnings”, “Stopped”, etc. Your browser happened to update the favicon associated with the bookmark at a point in time when Syncthing had one or more warnings, and so saved the “warning” favicon.

Now it seems to have fetched it again, and this time there were no warnings, so it saved the normal favicon. Nothing to do with the update to 0.13.6.

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