Black exclamation on Firefox icon for Syncthing link returned?

Previos issue

The Issue is back for every one or just for me?

What issue? You taking a bookmark at the wrong time can only be fixed by you.

Firefox is updating the bookmark icons from time to time in the background, especially those in the menu bar. Open the Syncthing GUI and fix the errors/warnings and then the exclamation mark will also disappear from the icon.

There are no errors in my GUI! I deleted the bookmark and readded it - The issue is back! I could help debug if you tell me what to do…

We can’t debug this. Your browser has refreshed the icon while there were errors. I can only assume it was cached if you deleted and re-added it.

I cleaned the brouser cache - Its firefox … No help! Any other ideas?

In Chrome there is NO problem !

Same here on chromium. A black exclamation appears sometimes on the tag icon of syncthing then disappears. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature I think. If I remember well, there is another one when/while upgrading.

This is not necessarily the cache I was referring to… I can’t help you with this, I don’t know Firefox well enough. Have you checked on Firefox forums?

This is not a bug with Syncthing. It has to do with how Firefox works.

I think the latest FF uses a separate file.sqlite to store favicons.

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