Best cheap ARM board for Syncthing?

(Ben Wolsieffer) #21

The speedup is caused by the new cryptography extensions that are part of ARMv8 (aarch64). When Syncthing is compiled for ARMv7 (armhf), they are not used.

(Jakob Borg) #22

Yeah, use the one actually compiled for your CPU. The openssl benchmark looks the same as ours, judging by ours being single thread (as mentioned) and openssl getting -multi 4.

Your experience: Performance on low power devices (ARM, Atom, Apollo Lake, etc)
(Seb) #23

@bizarre87 Do you have any actual performance numbers for the RK3328 when transferring files? I keep wondering how fast it is with a USB3 disk…


I have tried plugging in both SSD via USB, WD RED 3TB drive and also WD My Book DUO RAID1. Using through Plugable USB 3.0 Hard Drive Dock. The maximum speed I have seen during transfer hovers around 15-28MBps with spinning drives and 40+ MBps with SSD. iMAC is a peer device, both running the latest versions of syncthing.

In comparison, AFP transfer between iMAC and rock64 reaches 920Mbps.

If there is a more scientific way to run transfer speed benchmarks, let me know.

(Seb) #25

Thanks a lot for sharing! That sounds pretty good. Just to not misunderstand anything, by MBps you mean MB/s, not Mbps, right?