Reliable, energy efficient syncthing server (SHA256, SATA, Ethernet).

Hello everyone!

I am looking to set-up syncthing server to be always on and while Raspberry Pi can work i learnt that optimal specs would be:

  1. CPU supporting SHA256 1,2,3
  2. SATA 1,2
  3. Ethernet

What would you recommendation?

p.s. Currently i have only 30gb to sync, and it’s not updated that frequently, but i would like to do futureproof set-up that can work for next 5+.

Hi @gety9,

This is a good question, it also depends on your budget. But i’m very happy with lowpower nettop devices or custom build intel atom processor “servers”. When you build your own you should consider running Linux with BTRFS or (FreeBSD) ZFS so you can also take advantage of having filesystem level automatic snapshots (which are fast and cheap). The disadvantage of ZFS is memory hungry and is better with ECC. Or get yourself a recent Linux distro which ships with recent stable BTRFS release (e.g Arch Linux or Alpine Linux).

You can have a look at or Nettop - Wikipedia

Nowadays openzfs works just fine on linux too. And you don’t need a super recent kernel for stable btrfs, those features which aren’t etnally broken (raid5/6) work fine on current stable/lts distros (e.g. debian on kernel 5.10), and on an lts kernel you are less likely to run into regressions/bugs of new features.

I am still using old hardware for my homeserver - maybe the point has come where replacing it with new (newer second-hand/old) hardware is actually a net gain resource consumptions wise :slight_smile:

Thanks for suggestions, will look into those.

What do you guys think about single board solutions? I saw odroid hc1/hc2 recommended in another thread, but they are discontinued. Is there smng similar?

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