Behaviour with 3 devices

hi guys… I’m not just yet sure about syncthings behaviour syncing 3 devices. Example: Device 1 (Desktop): 300 files as master (synced to dev2&3) Device 2 (VServer): 200 files slave (synced to dev1&3) Device 3 (Laptop) : 250 files slave (synced to dev1&2)

Usecase: I uploaded 200 files from dev1 to dev2. dev3 was not running.

questions: if I start dev3 after some days offline, what will happen?

  • will 50 files be deleted, because they are not on dev2?
  • will 50 files be downloaded from dev2 to dev3?
  • will anything be deleted?
  • is syncthig generating “timestamps” for every file? thanks again guys!

I’m not following your example about what files were moved where when and so on, sorry. Can you clarify? Files are anyway not deleted on one device just because they are missing on some other device, syncthing needs to see the delete happen locally in order to tell others about it.

(That can be “synthesized” on the master for files missing on the master of you hit “override” there, but that’s something else)

I copied a part of all my mp3s from Dev1 (my main pc) to dev2 (my cloud server) (its not finished yet). when starting dev3 after a while offline what will happen… will the missing files (50) on dev2 be deleted?

Background story As I told here, there have been some files deleted in the following szenario: As described some time ago, I uploaded some of my files (eg 200) from dev1(master - 300 files) to dev2. after deactivating master on dev1 and syncing with dev2 (250 files) and dev3 thee have some files been deleted from dev1 (formerly master) and I do not know why. I didnt delete anything on the slaves… that’s why I’m trying to exactly understand how syncthing works and behaves in several situations…

I still don’t fully follow, but I don’t see anything in there that should result in the answer being “yes, they will be deleted”.

Syncthing deletes files under one circumstance, and only one circumstance: some other device sends an index entry for a file with the delete bit set. This happens if that device has seen that file before (when scanning), but now it’s no longer there.

On “Master” devices, pressing “Override” will generate delete entries for all files announced by other devices but not present on the master - because we want to make every other device identical to the master device.

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ok… thanks so far. If I can reproduce it, I will tell about here… :wink: