Sync conflicts and master folder

hi guys… as I told, I’m syncing my mp3 files with two devices. The first "main-"device is where I got the most and up-to-date files. The second is my Laptop and the third is my cloud vserver (as fallback if I’m en route with my laptop)

for the first run I added on my first device the folder as a master folder to sync to the cloud. all files from the main device were copied to the laptop manually. Running only the main and the laptop device to sync they are producing lots of sync-conflicts and I don’t know why. :flushed: First question: In my case: How are these conflicts are produced? (Were the files on the laptop newer than the ones on my main device?)

Second question: As I understand the “override option” right, the main master folder pushes all changes to the others right? When I’m watching the files to “override”, the arrows pointing down as if the files of my laptop will be downloaded on the main device - hopefully I am wrong :disappointed:

third question: what happens if I’ll deactivate master folder on the main device?


If you mean an actual whateverfilename-sync-conflict-20150603-...ext file then the contents were different on the two sides when Syncthing did the initial sync of the two devices.

Yes. “Override” makes whatever the master has become the latest version for everyone else.

Then it becomes a normal, non-master device… If files are changed on other devices, those changes are synced to this device as well.

isnt syncthing changing the files on the slave then?

A change detected on the master will be synced to the slave, yes. But in this case it sounds like you had differing contents to start with, i.e. at the initial scan.

ah ok… thanks! so I’ll start over to copy the files from my main to the laptop right? :flushed: after that it should not run “out of sync”…

Or just hit override on the master, and remove any sync conflicts on the slave, and you’re good to go.

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but the button appears oooooften :flushed: once with 1 file, once with 15 files and so on…

this means all deleted sync coflicts will be downloaded once again because they’re existing twice??

I don’t understand what you mean at this point. There’s only one such button…

if I’m manually deleting the sync-conflict files, will they be downloaded from master again?

I noticed the same problem: sync conflicts with folder master but the destination files are never changed so there should not be any conflict. My guess is some sort of race condition on slow connections?

Also not good on slow connections is that the pieces of the conflict files are not used for other transfers - would this be possible? Right now a 2GB outlook pst file “original.pst” is renamed to “conflict.pst” on the destination. Then on next scan (or manual override) the whole 2GB “original.pst” has to be transferred even if only 1 byte has changed in “conflict.pst”

I think you should raise an issue for this, we should index the conflict file at the point we move it out for conflict to avoid this behaviour.

so: what happens if I’ll delete the sync-conflict files on my slave cloud server? will they be downloaded again?

And what will happen, if I deactivate the master option?

Yes, they will be downloaded again at the point the master overrides changes. If you deactivate the master option, then the deletion should eventually propagate to the ex-master.

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But if they don’t exist on the master, and you hit override on the master, then they will be removed from the slave as well…

thanks guys


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