Automatic upgrade: gzip: invalid header

Seems like this issue came up before but that issue close.

I’m on MacOS 10.15.5 and I’m getting an error, it’s trying to upgrade to 1.6.1

Automatic upgrade: gzip: invalid header

You’ll have to update manually to v1.3.4 or newer first. (Might as well do 1.6.1 directly then.)

Is there more do it than just replacing the syncthing folder with the new version? The config.xml etc will still be in Library/Application Support/syncthing

I guess not. I just went for it :stuck_out_tongue:

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The world belongs to the brave :crossed_swords:

Can someone explain to me exactly what they did? I use the following

and upgrading does not work for me. If I upgrade to 1.6.1 then it is simply the wrapper that updates, the syncthing binary that is in use by the wrapper does not update. That is still stuck on 1.1.3 for me. How am I supposed to upgrade?



For what it’s worth, I’m the OP of the post that @greggman referenced. My MacOSX installs (various systems of recent vintage) upgraded silently and successfully to 1.8rc2 without the same error that I encountered with 1.6.

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