Arigi Docker v1.1.8 Setup

I set up the Docker version of Arigi on one of my Synology and included 4 devices regarding Device ID, Syncthing API Key, Device Label in the same way. But only one is connected:

Also only a part of the peers of the connected device are showed, 26 of 59. What I have to set additionally regarding both issues?

Same with v1.1.9 now. I also map the directory for persistent data (default /opt/var/arigi) to see what is the content.

The only device is online is the host itself. Only the port 2525:2525 is defined, the question would be, if and which maybe further ports are needed to find the other devices.

Arigi only reaches “out” to devices, so mapped ports are not required beyond the GUI. For what it’s worth, development of it is discontinued for now, so if you broke it you get to keep all the pieces. :slight_smile:

I haven’t changed anything, so everything is fine … :wink:. To be honest, it’s not really usable in this form, except for an overview and would need to be further developed and expanded.

I see a better approach here:

That could perhaps be an alternative GUI or alternative theme, since the current GUI is great for the technicians, but a bit bulky for “everyday life”. The Tech-UI should be more compact at the top, the list should have more columns that can be selected, then that would also be really good.

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