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We did a thing…

This is a GUI alternative created for a very specific circumstance: being able to view status on a device with hundreds of folders and/or devices. It does this ideally without killing the backend service or the browser, and provides an overview with some limited filtering and dig-down functionality.

First commit was about a month ago, so it’s not precisely mature.

The tech is current version Angular and Typescript. It takes literally twice as long to build as Syncthing itself and there’s 750 megs of source in node_modules. In other words, it’s a modern web solution.

This scratches a very specific itch and is not for general consumption, but if you’re suffering from that itch it may help out. Feel free to try it and file issues on ideas and bugs. There are many bugs, this has never been out in the uncontrolled wild until today.


I only tested on a Synology DS in the folder


and if I want to open in the browser http://DS-IP:8384/tech-ui/ I doesnt get such overview as showed, I got the content of the install folder


The same I got on a Windows 10 computer.

You need to use the compiled release zip as described in the usage notes. Not just the plain source code.

A very good start to tune …

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I think, you have similar ideas and is not a critic, but some feature as idea. Regarding the coloumns:

id (avail.)
label (avail.)
path (avail.)
state (avail.)
global size
local size
global files
local size
last sync
last transferred
connected peers

The coloumns maybe can be choose to have an individual overview and a life update as in the usual GUI.

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