A proposal for a receive-only folder type


The question is if RO changes, should a button appear also on RO. If RO changes from the rest of the world, it is a local display based on a locally generated condition.

This is addressed in the first 3 bullet points in the opening post. In short: a local “Revert” button will appear in RO, pressing it will remove RO’s changes and override them with cluster’s “correct” state.

(Jakob Borg) #42

My bad, I misunderstood you. Yes, the receive only device will get a button, but I propose “revert” instead of “override”.

(Bruno) #43

I have some questions concerning this revert function, just like for the override button : How does/will it work ? When it says there is something to override, I have to push a lot of time to achieve the sync back to correct state. But I can not list (or I didn’t find) the files that will be overriden. So I cannot be sure of what files/modifications will be overriden. At present time, I don’t really matter because it’s my master that rules the cluster, so I’m sure he is right and he has to impose it’s state. But I think I miss something and if this same behaviour is transposed to RO, I’d like to be sure (for me and all users). Thanks. (I didn’t split this question from this thread because it’s RO related, but if needed to split for better readability, I’ll understand :slight_smile: )

(Jakob Borg) #44

The list of out-of-sync files is there on the send only side, clickable somewhere among the folder details. Those are the changes that get overridden when you press override.

I expect we could use a similar mechanism to show the files to be reverted on the receive only side.

(Peter E) #45

This would be an awesome feature. Please proceed!


Ok, this proposal nails it down very precice. Thank you @calmh!

That seems intuitive to me, but on the other hand…

…I’d like to not have a (reddish nagging) button on the Send-Only folder for overwriting/revert changes on a Receive-Only folder.

Changes on the Send-Only folder should always (and silently) be overwritten or deleted on the Receive-Only folder. I’d like to have the Receive-Only folder to never send/overwrite/anounce any files/folders to other devices. Which is most likely this:

This is mainly my point of view for this topic and I don’t add any other “what I want is…”, because I made it here already here and here, and ppl. here also wrote, what I wanted to say.

Thanks again @calmh for your constructively summary of all our thoughts and words.

(Generalmanager) #47

I’m definately in favor of this proposal, it covers my usecases perfectly. I won’t go into too much detail, as these usecases have been layed out by others already. (Mainly one or more server-style devices which also do versioning and one or more mobile devices owned by one or more people. The servers should never propagate local additions or deletions as they are always accidental).

While I am interested in having per-device/per-folder R/W settings as proposed by @AudriusButkevicius, I am positive that we’d need a very well defined method of finding a global consensus between all devices sharing a folder. This would also require a new UI item to notify anyone of either forced changes or devices which don’t adhere to the consensus.

This would be awesome, as it significantly simplifies managing a bigger p2p setup, but it’s certainly a big step that needs some real thought.

I guess I’ll create a topic on that, as a consensus mechanism is one of the things which could greatly improve ST usability to new or less technical users.

Until we may some day get something like this I’d prefer the simplistic “receive only” approach, as changing R/W settings on every device is already a PITA with the simpler read only + send only options.