A proposal for a receive-only folder type

(Clemens) #61

You can make it as artificially complicated as you want to access the GUI, by setting it to a different address and port. That way even a quick google search will not help him to access the GUI.

@AudriusButkevicius I think the feature request that is hiding in there is just to have the option to lock the GUI or just the settings by a password which I think is not unreasonable. It is especially useful for users who use syncthing to distribute data.

(Adi Dev) #62

You’re both right, I’m using SyncTrayzor for GUI and forgot that the Syncthing can run ‘headless’.

(Audrius Butkevicius) #63

You can already setup a username and a password for the UI.

(Clemens) #64

Sorry, I have not seen that yet.

@adi-dev That should be a easy solution for you.

(Antony Male) #65

Note that the SyncTrayzor UI will bypass any username or password set in the GUI, when viewed using SyncTrayzor.


Reminds me of a previous idea to implement read-only-like behavior: New Folder type: Receive Only


@scienmind I would be fine with that being an “Advanced” setting.