Automaticly overwrite the slave's fies from the master (w/o hitting a button)

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I’m refering to the above, because I explicite wanted a slaves files/folders to get automaticly overwritten, when the masters files/folders change. For now, a manually click (or mostly more clicks) is needed to push the newest files/folders to the slave, which needs a human being to do so.

In the configuration of a folder I only see “Send & Receive” and “Send only” for the folder type. I’m missing something like “Receive only”.

Is there any (maybe hidden?) setting, which allows the user to set up the above scenario?

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There are several different threads about it here, detailing the pitfalls and why it’s not yet implemented. The short answer is “no”. The slightly longer answer is “no, but use filesystem permissions to make sure only Syncthing can change the files”. The even longer answer is that I think that we so far don’t really have a coherent picture of how exactly such a folder type is supposed to behave - in terms of what to do with the various kinds of local modifications, how to represent the current state to the user, and what to announce to other devices.


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