Yellow bar across top of GUI screen

I’ve been using Syncthing on some Windows boxes, and just added it to a NAS running on an Odroid HC2 and Armbian linux.

It came up and ran okay after a little experimentation, but the GUI has a yellow bar across the top that says “DEV” at the left. In the center is “JS” and some numbers with errors and warn. I’m assuming it’s some kind of error count.

Also, under the This Device info, the Version shows “unknown-dev, Linux (ARM)” instead of a known flavor. I suspect the bar is some kind of developers tool and goes away with known versions.

Everything seems to be working other than this. In fact, the first directory I added finished so fast I didn’t believe it.

Is the yellow bar of any significance, can I just ignore it, or is there a way to turn it off?

It seems you are running some random build that doesn’t seem to be a release build.

That is what I’m assuming as well. I’m running Armbian_20.08.1_Odroidxu4_focal_legacy_4.14.195 for what it is worth.

I had to shut it down and when it came back, the yellow bar was gone, so it will have to remain a mystery. It seems to be working well, so I was just curious.


Development versions have that bar for GUI debugging.

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Just for reference, in case someone in the future reads this post, I had installed Syncthing using the config utility built into the Armbian linux build. Apparently, it installed a development version.

It works fine, I was just curious what it meant. And the bar went away after a restart.

It does mean I’ll have to update manually when that time comes.

We can call this thread closed.

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