Wrong IP Address - Not Relay

I’m getting a wrong IP address reported for a ‘dynamic’ device, and it isn’t a Relay Server issue.

I have a Linux file server, a Windows PC, and a Macbook. The Linux server reports the correct IP address of the Windows PC, but for the Macbook it reports the IP address of my router.

nslookup on the Linux server reports the correct IP address of my Macbook, so it doesn’t look like a DNS issue.

Relay is disabled on all 3 machines and they’re all on the same LAN (

I could hard-code the address, but I’d prefer to make dynamic work. Any ideas?

Hmmm… Weirder still, I set the address for the macbook in the Linux server’s config to, but the GUI on the Linux server reports that the Macbook’s address is

I tried restarting both Linux and Macbook and it still happens.

That look like a port forward via your router.

That is an astute observation. I hadn’t thought of port forwarding.

The only defined port-forward is for port 443. (In a separate thread, I’m trying to figure out how to multiplex additional services on 443, but that’s only in the planning stage. For now, Syncthing is on its standard port by itself and nothing forwards to it.)

I don’t have port-triggering or UPNP active on the router, so it shouldn’t be forwarding anything.

… and the issue vanished as mysteriously as it arrived.

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