Wrong Identification after Startup

I have noticed a problem that my pc is not getting at every startup the same Identifier and therefore not syncing my Files. After a restart of the PC the right Identifier comes up and everything works as usual.

If you need any further Logs let me know

Syncthing version


Platform & operating system

64-bit Intel/AMD

Browser version

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How did you install Syncthing? What are you using to access the Web GUI?

I suspect that you may have two different installations and whichever one happens to be quicker at startup, wins the race for port 8384 where you find its GUI.

Or do the IDs change randomly, not only those two alternating?

I did install Syncthing with the Option only this User on our corporate PC. The user itself is not local on the PC but on the server.

To Access the the Gui i use Chrome.

I would have to check that if it changes inbetween those two IDs or if it gets random IDs.

I mean did you enter the URL in Chrome’s address bar, is there some shortcut you or the installer created? Are you clicking on the link in some console output?

Sorry I don’t know much about how the Windows installer works, but it should give you access to the console output of Syncthing somewhere. There you will find some info about ports and paths used.

There is also a path overview in the About dialog when you access the running instance in Chrome. Check whether that path somehow seems volatile or changes together with the ID.

I enter the default ip into Chrome for the Web gui.

Today it happened again and i got the Same ID as the Last time. seems like it alterneats inbetween those 2 IDs

This is my Installation Path, and there only one Installation C:\Users\Thomas.LIGNO\AppData\Local\Programs\Syncthing\syncthing.exe

I have setup a Taskshedule to Start up Syncthing, like mentioned in the getting started Guide of Synkthing on this Link


Make sure to look into the Help > About > Paths dialog and see if / how the Configuration Directory entry changes between the two conditions.

Indeed it seems like it gets a configuration file from a Local User instead of the Domain User

But i am quite sure i did install Syncthing on the Domain User

Then you need to figure out where this wrong instance is started from. We can’t really help any further since this is an issue specific to your system / service setup. Anyway, whichever instance is started first hogs the TCP port 8384 on localhost to present its GUI. The other one may actually be running just as well, but it automatically sidesteps to a different GUI port. If you can find the logs / console output from that service, it will tell you where to reach the expected instance’s GUI.