writing does not work on android

Hello, I try to synchronize my ubuntu 15.10 and Asus tablet and mobile LG G3 64GB on an SD expansion card.I have an android version 5.0. I have no error message The writing does not work on android 5.0?


Hello, Sorry this is actually mentioned. I have read several posts. I also note that some applications (Player pro, ES explorer …) store much data on SD cards with android 5+ (and no root) Someone proposed to finance development. I do not know (or do not understand, I speak little English) Is it scheduled soon? this year ?

Nothing scheduled because GO (the programming language used for Syncthing) currently doesn’t support the API in Android 5+ to access the SD Card (which the other Apps are using).

Thank you for your reply

Android 5.0? If you have root, I have the solution for you. Just install the app https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nextapp.sdfix After that you should be able to configure syncthing to write on any folder. This does not work for android 6