Write better guides

This service looks really promising but you need too look over how you write your guides cus the Debian/ubuntu guide is really lacking and have steps that you don’t go through. I’ve installed this on my ubuntu server but cannot get it to run. plz help Regards

What concrete problem do you have, e.g. what did you read and at which step did your problem occur?

need help to acess the web gui on localhost:8384… and also locate where the files are stored.

Copy paste localhost:8384 into the address bar of your broswer? There you decide where to store your files.

Also the important information you need to give whenever asking for help: What did you try already.
If the answer is nothing, then this is the problem and you need to try before asking.

I already tried to write my local ip:8384 and no page showed up, what i want to see is where the configuartion/syncthing files are located so i can get an eye where stuff are pointing at.

i found the file that would start synchting service it wats in /etc/bin and i started and it said [G4AML] 12:09:04 INFO: GUI and API listening on but i get that there is no website on that ip.

Please read carefully:

man syncthing-config


What does that mean, what do you “get” and where?

And finally I still don’t know about this:

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