Write Access on SD Card Toggling for no Apparent Reason

I am using ST on several devices Win7, Win8 and version 1.13.1 with Android 6.01 on a Sony Z3 (rooted), ST 1.13.1 with Android 10 on a Samsung Tab S6, Working ST 1.13.1 with Android 8.0.0 on a Samsung S7 (rooted). And I recently observed a problem with the Android version.

Most of my sync folders sit in /storage/0000-0000/Android/data/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/files

This is working perfectly on my S7, but on my Z3, I sometimes get the message, that the folder used is readonly. This situation is not permanent. Files have been written on this devices and I sometimes get the message on the very same folder that it can be read from an written to.

Unfortunately it seems that the “readonly” states switch the sync mode to “send only” which breaks the synchronisation afterwards.

Any ideas or workarounds will be appreciated.

I think the app sets folders to send-only on creation if it’s a path it has no write access to. I am not aware that it changes the mode afterwards.
Which app do you use, syncthing-android or syncthing-fork?

As to why it happens in the first place (path detected as read-only), no idea.

Maybe it a Sdcard from Sandisk which auto write protects when its controller detects the first fault.

Yes, you are right. I was able to check it and it turned out to be wrong. Sync mode is not changed.

Maybe soemthing along those lines. I made some tests using a card with less capacity, which ran out of space as I was doing my experiments. Is it possible that ST is reporting “readonly” when it cannot write information on the card, regardless of the reason? I guess that writing didn’t work with the full card, but this is not fed back, I only get the message that Android doesn’t allow writing, which was wrong in that case.

This is not the same constellation as in my original report. But maybe writing fails for a (yet) unknown reason and ST reports the OS is the reason for this.

What do you mean by Syncthing reporting “readonly”? I am not aware of any such “report”. Please always be specific, e.g. where do you see something about “readonly”, what exactly is the full message (or take a screenshot), …

If you are running out of space, I wouldn’t be surprised if the card gets re-mounted as read-only.

Sorry for being imprecise. I was referring to the text you see, after you selected a sync folder: the passage given in the section “Folder Typ”: “Your Android version …”

I do not think the card is remounted as read-only. I was able to remove stuff using a stock file explorer. And the above mention text switched back to read/write after ST was able to continued syncing,

Thanks for the clarification, wasn’t aware of that section.

The web UI might have more precise info on what exactly the problem is Syncthing encounters.

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