Would there be any issues with syncing an iCloud directory with a local on Mac?

I don’t want to use Mobius Sync on my iOS devices since it can’t continuously sync in the background. I’m thinking of syncing an iCloud directory with another folder on my Mac instead, and am wondering if there would be any issues with that. iCloud works differently from other cloud services where the files can’t stay offline, it seems like they’re streamed individually. Could there be lots of sync conflicts with iCloud and Syncthing? Another thing, I’m worried about if files disappear from iCloud, like get removed without me intentionally deleted them, would they then disappear from Syncthing?

Potentially its possible, I was doing so, just make sure you make exclusions:

// Portainer temp folder

// .stglobalignore

// Syncthing Ignore Patterns - https://docs.syncthing.net/users/ignoring.html#patterns:

// Useful .stignore Patterns - https://goo.gl/DVHI1h

// Usage: Add the line below to all .stignore files for each Syncthing node

// #include .stglobalignore

// Cache files and folders

// certificates files

// Firefox incomplete downloads

// Chrom(ium|e) incomplete downloads

// Transmission incomplete downloads

// Temporary/Backup Files

// LinuxOS-generated files

// macOS-generated files

// Thumbnails (metadata)

// Files that might appear in the root of a volume

// Directories potentially created on remote AFP share

// iCloud temp files

// Windows thumbnail cache files

// Dump file

// Folder config file

// Recycle Bin used on file shares

// Windows Installer files

// Windows shortcuts

// Microsoft Office temp files

// BTSync files

// Synology files

// vim swap files

Where do i save this file exactly? I guess when i share a folder in the iCloud drive i don’t need all of them, correct me if i am wrong?

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