With me Syncthing GTK is still with Syncthing Version 13.6

With me Syncthing GTK is still with Syncthing Version 13.6

It would probably help to mention how you normally upgrade.

Syncthing Auto Upgrade?

I run through the apt repo and haven’t had a problem in a while although it sometime seems to fall behind because of cached data. (Cannot tell who would be caching it.)

If syncthing is started by syncthing-gtk, syncthing’s auto upgrade mechanism is effectively disabled. For some reason, they always set STNOUPGRADE [1] and decided it would be better to implement a custom upgrade system. Syncthing-gtk checks for new syncthing versions every 12 hours [2], but I don’t know how reliable this system is.

So, if you let syncthing-gtk start syncthing, you have to enable syncthing-gtk’s upgrade option or use some kind of package management to upgrade syncthing.

If you just want to upgrade to the latest version now, stop syncthing-gtk and syncthing and run syncthing -upgrade from commandline. If it is a recurring problem, I would ask the syncthing-gtk maintainer to add the possibility to allow syncthing to upgrade itself.

I think the aim is for Syncthing-GTK to only allow upgrades to versions which are known to be compatible. In practice, I don’t know how well this system works…

I am on Linux Mint installed Syncthing over Syncthing GTK, the binaries are in the userfolder. And i activated that the binaries should be updatet by Syncthing GTK

In this case, the most reliable option to update syncthing would be switching to the apt repository I guess. Assumed that you have root access, of course.

The only drawback might be that you get a new major release early if you do not pay attention. Depending on your setup, that could lead to incompatible syncthing versions for a few hours or days.

Syncthing requires some learning for inexperienced users and they can feel overwhelmed.

I think a button like ‘Check for upgrade’ to manually start the upgrade processes would be a good addition to syncthing-gtk because asking people to 1) shutdown syncthing-gtk 2) run ./syncthing -upgrade and 3) open syncthing-gtk is just one extra difficulty that could be avoided.


You should probably open an issue for syncthing-gtk. I’m not sure if @kozec reads your suggestion here.

ok :slight_smile:

Yes switched to the repos

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