Wireguard + Syncthing

Hi Everyone. I cant find any real good leads so maybe you can point me in a direction. I have 2 unraid servers. They do have a VPN/Wireguard btwn the 2. I am trying to get traffic routing through the VPN. However I am not sure how to accomplish this. I posted a few pics. I am not sure what info would be needed to set this up. I tried Local vs Global discovery settings. I think that in my docker the IPs need to point towards the VPN IP? would that be the internal VPN IPs? 10.x or the DNS server “DNS:Port”. I think on one end it would be and the b server ? I see some 172.x IPs and I am not sure what derives them ? I could be totally wrong. So many options but I just need some help!

Here is my IP Layout in a concise layout:

Server A VPN Tunnel Wan IP:285.x.x.x

Server B Wan IP 199.x.x.x.x VPN: Server:

What I thinking is that in setttings under connections:

Server A: Dynamic

Server B: Either or

what do you all think?

Use network mode host for your Docker containers and things should work :slight_smile:

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