Windows XP, 32 bit

Is there any chance of a windows xp, 32 bit compatible binary release of syncthing? I know it sounds archaic, but Syncthing seems exactly the right tool for our purpuses, but for reasons, we are stuck on 32bit windows xp machines and our company blocks github among other things, so we can’t build it ourselves.

I know the chances are slim, but if this was possible, it would be greatly appreciated.

It shouldn’t be difficult, I just haven’t made the build and have nothing to really test it on. Here’s a 32 bit Windows build that may work. Can you give it a try, and if it seems reasonably non-broken I’ll add it to the regular builds?

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Thank you very much! It runs and does what it’s supposed to do. Didn’t crash over night either, so I would call it reasonably non-broken.

Many thanks again!


Awesome. I’ll add it to the standard builds for the future.

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Version 11.15 works fine on windows xp 32 bit

I’ve been using Syncthing since Bitorrent Sync changed to be paid. And i’d say it’s very stable on Windows XP 32-bit, Atom processor (n280). Thank you Syncthing team.