Windows Prerequisites

Hi, Searching for Prerequisites for windows Server. For Cpu and Hard drive, understand that depend of amount of data, but for Ram ?

Tks. Sam

Ram also depends on data and number of devices. You haven’t given any numbers so I hope you don’t expect numbers back. might give you some idea.

All right, Thinking a minimum of 8Go.

Having 2018-08-22_20-48-39

For Md5 thinking a i7 is required or Intel Xeon.

Tks for Help.

We don’t use MD5, but SHA256 which is cryptographic and much more expensive. Hashing is mostly one off (unless you have files changing all the times in large quantities), so I suspect even a 10 year old CPU should be able to get through it eventually.


Tks again :slight_smile:

Am I guessing correctly that the data in percentile list is calculated per row and does not correspond to each other?


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