Windows or Mac and GOMAXPROCS

Hi, I’ve see the option GOMAXPROCS but can’t understand how it works on mac and windows.

Thanks. Sam

It works the same everywhere, setting the maximum number of CPU threads that will be used for CPU bound work.

Sorry, I don’t understand how it work.

On Windows I’ve create this comand line

SET GOMAXPROCS=1 syncthing -no-browser -home=%~dp0data\syncthing

On my system all Uc seems to be used. No traces of GOMAXPROCS in the log :frowning:

Tks. Sam

That probably depends on what the command line is fed to. Environment variables are complicated in Windows.

Simplest, I think, for testing would be to do it in a command prompt as two separate commands.

C:\> syncthing -no-browser -home=%~dp0data\syncthing

On Mac, similarly, but one command will suffice:

$ GOMAXPROCS=1 syncthing ...

If you’re using our plist file on Mac you can add a


in the section that already has other environment variables and then perform the launchctl unload, launchctl load dance.

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