Windows non-admin user installation

Hello, I have a Windows 10 computer with an admin user and a standard user. My goal is to create a fairly silent syncing of photos files, from an Android phone to Windows standard user’s files, both devices are in the same home network.

So I did it and it seemed to work great. Logged in to Windows with standard user account, installed SyncTrayzor and at this point was asked for admin password so I entered it. The default folder that SyncTrayzor suggested was under the admin account’s name, not the standard user’s name, but I just changed it. Installed the Android app, did a simple setup on both devices and the files started to copy to the Windows computer. So it looked like working great.

The next day I powered on the computer and logged in as a standard user, I noticed that SyncTrayzor didn’t have any of the settings I had entered there. I logged out and then logged in admin account and just as I thought, the settings had ben saved there.

Any suggestions? Is the easiest way to make this work just delete the settings from admin account’s synctrayzor and then create new settings in the standard user account?

Something doesn’t sound right. When you install SyncTrayzor, the installer does indeed ask to run with administrative privileges, but they should only be used in order to place the files into the Program Files folder. After that, the installed application itself should be able to run as a standard user.

I would do just that, especially since it doesn’t sound like you’ve actually configured anything important in Syncthing yet.

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