Windows initialization

Ok, version 0.8.21 both Windows 64bit and 32 bit installs…

The software doesn’t see any other established nodes and reports all as “disconnected”.

Watching the terminal window we see that the program execution stops at

INFO: Populating repository index.

We never get to:

[5WLGA] 04:23:05 INFO: Created UPnP port mapping - external port 33916 [5WLGA] 04:23:05 INFO: Sending local discovery announcements [5WLGA] 04:23:05 INFO: Sending global discovery announcements [5WLGA] 04:23:05 OK: Ready to synchronize default (read-write) [5WLGA] 04:23:05 INFO: Node 5WLGACKCP33JJDW2NFRIBRRMPMGHNHLQRPQNYZ6QJVLMXG6SDYWA is “jborg-mbp” at [dynamic]

As shown in the "getting started’ document.

No error reports or anything else apparently wrong at the GUI

Apple network router usually has no issues with UPnP requests.

Any ideas?

How many files do you have in your repositores, and how long did you wait with the status “INFO: Populating repository index.”? Because with many files this step needs a really long time for the first time and before it’s finished syncthing will not connect to other nodes.

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One file. Both machines running for over an hour. It never goes past the “populating index” message. I would think that it needs to do the port mapping for the UPnP message to the router, but we never get there.