Windows: folders with attribute "read only" are not deleted


In our scenario there are two clients:

  • PC with Windows 7, LAN with Server
  • PC with Windows 10, connected to NAS

Folders with attribute “read only” are created, moved, copied, attribute set or removed on both sides.

But: If I delete a read only folder (with or without content) on the side “windows 10” then the client on “Windows 7” deletes the content but refuses to delete the folder itself. The message shows: refused item: access denied (Zugriff verweigert). Deleting such a folder on the “Windows 7 side” is synced without problem (folder is deleted on the other side).

Can I solve this?

P.S. As I learned, there is no “real” write protection / read only for folders in windows, only for the files in the folder, the attribute is used for other purposes, correct?

The issue here is usually not “read only” but “custom folder icon”:

Does that match your setup?

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Yes, that’s it. I didn’t associate it with custom icons.

Us neither, to begin with, since the error returned is “access denied”…

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