Windows doesn't see pictures synced with syncthing (via SMB share)

Hi All,

I sync photos from my phone using syncthing into SMB share on my freenas (FreeNAS-11.2-U7). Syncthing is configured in kubernetes cluster and is using same SMB credentials as for my windows account. Some reason windows doesn’t see sync-ed pictures, although they exists there. Total commander on the other hand sees them but displays them with exclamation mark (see first JPG in the list):

The other JPGs are displayed just fine (they were not visible in windows explorer too before, but I created new folder and copied them using CP command from freenas console (with -irv flags) windows recognized them after that). Folders setup with windows permissions, and looking on attributes I don’t see any differences (the example problem file on is the last on the pic below), why new synced pics somehow not recognized by windows, any ideas?

Thank you!

I don’t see exclamation marks, but directory watching most likely does not work over smb, so you might want to click the rescan button yourself and see if it makes a difference. Otherwise, my spider senses say permissions, but I can’t tell you exactly what to do as there are tons of factors when it comes to networked filesystems.

Also, verify that you actually need to use networked filesystems, perhaps just run syncthing on the machine that stores the files. Syncthing can run pretty much on any device these days.

Thanks for the reply, I forgot to mention that I’m using syncthing docker image. I will try to ask again there…

PS: You can’t really install anything on FreeNas as it is not recommended (might break rolling updates etc), the only way to install services there would be jails or VMs.

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