Windows does not recognize | filenames


Just wanted to confirm if this can be replicated as a Syncthing failure, or if its just my system.

I have Syncthing running on an android phone, debian/linux and Windows 10. Some of the files are named with a | symbol. This seems acceptable in Android and linux, etc. however Syncthing on Windows reports:

The following items could not be syncronized. They are re-tried automatically and will be synced when the error is resolved. Filname|with|.txt filename is invalid

Although, strictly speaking this appears to be a OS/Filesystem issue between platforms, shouldn’t Syncthing cater for these and other filename discrepancies?

Pipe characters are not allowed in file names in Windows. The same is true of * and ? And \ and some others.

They are in Linux, which breaks Syncthing syncing under Windows.

Yes, and it tells you about it (even though the retrying bit is generic and not very helpful in this case), so you can take action and remove the invalid characters from files you want to sync or ignore files that you don’t want to sync.

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