Windows base/setup does not start (only loads pointer for a moment)

Problem: When either base (64-bit ARM and Intel/AMD) or SyncThing Windows Setup is clicked in file explorer, the cursor loads for a moment, stops, then nothing happens. SyncThing does not appear installed.

Version: 1.27.3 for Windows

System: Windows 11, Intel i5-1035G1, 8GB RAM

Things I did::

  1. Download either (a) Base 64-bit ARM, (b) base 64-bit Intel/AMD, or (c) Syncthing Windows Installer and uncompress as necessary
  2. Run the .exe file

Resolutions tried:

  • Windows restart
  • Win + R path of .exe file
  • Run as admin

Addtl. Information:

  • Files uncompressed to D: drive, not system drive
  • Using Administrator Account
  • Windows Defender is on; MalwareBytes is installed but not premium so no autonomic functionality
  • Searching “SyncThing” on task manager after running does not yield results

What output does syncthing.exe generate when you start it from a command line?

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