Windows backup image recovery to C drive with sync folders on D drive

Hi, Please bear with me as I am new to posting

I am running windows 8.1 installed on my C drive and have moved all my Data to my D drive and I want to sync my D drive folders with my WD mycloud.

I use Acronis True Image to perform a cold backup of my C drive and recover this image everytime I suspect that I have installed an application which may have installed spyware etc… I will redo this image backup after installing and configuring syncthing.

My question are:-

  1. what will happen if I recover my drive image after several weeks/months of using syncthing as the database which is installed in AppData/local/syncthing will not be in sync with the data being synced between my D drive and the WD mycloud, will syncthing be able to handle the discrepancy between its database and my data without loosing data or getting mixed up?

  2. Could I relocate the syncthing database to my D drive or a usb flash drive? if yes how do I do this?

  3. what happens when/if the database gets corrupted are there any utilities to repair the database?

I know dropbox and Copy client can handle the recovery as I am running dropbox and Copy client with folders on my D drive. I don’t want to implement a backup regime that will not survive a recovery of my system drive.

Thanks in advance.



  1. Depends, if it managed to talk to all nodes before being frozen, and no nodes have made any changes, it should just accept the new files. Worst case, it might cause conflicts, which you will have to go and fix up.

  2. Yeah, check the -help which talks about -home

  3. You simply remove the database all together, allowing it to reindex, which shouldn’t cause any conflicts (I think).


Thanks for the response,

For relocating the database for windows users I have found that synctrayzor portable handles this perfectly as well as implementing something similar to syncthing-inotify which means the rescan interval can be increased not to mention its main function as a tray icon notifying you of changes.

I ran test deleting the database and syncthing recreated the database and a file comparison with a backup confirmed no changes

FYI, it is possible to relocate the database using the installed version as well, if you’d prefer